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"Everything we do is done for our fellow students – to empower them to achieve more than a degree " 

The student community in Enschede is completely powered by motivated students. They run the associations and organize all the events. Whether it is a full-time board year at a study association or a small committee at a sports club; student activism is vital to keeping the student community at our university going. Moreover, activism also greatly contributes to your own personal development. Activism teaches you a lot of additional skills that you won’t obtain from your academic degree!

The Student Union supports all students and associations who make this university a lively place. The More Than A Degree brand consists of several events and services to help you on your way to becoming an active student and help you develop yourself further. With the Board Improvement Program, boards and committees have access to services that help them become more effective and learn valuable skills. You can find out more on what student activism means here.

More Than A Degree
Board improvement programm
FOBOS - Activism Grant
Activism monitor