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board sharing sessions

Previously, a boards day was organised by the SU where workshops were given for specific functions in a board. Now, the Student Union wants to organise sessions with boards with several topics per session and one overarching theme; the Board Sharing Sessions. Boards can share their experiences in order to learn from each other, so not only practical information about functions can be shared but also experiences and approaches of specific actual themes. The goal is to share experiences and best or worst practices of boards so we all can learn from boards (from other sectors).

 The first Board Sharing Session will take place next week. We will discuss the theme: ‘Being a board member during COVID’. Two board members, who were in a board last year, will discuss two parallel topics with you; ‘Boost your communication’ about communication between your board and to communicate to your members. And also the topic: ‘Flexible for change’, where long term strategy and flexibility in your plans as a board will be discussed. The two topics will be discussed parallel so you can choose as a board member which topic has your preference! Please come with as many board members as you like.

We hope to see you all there!