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COMBINing activism with studying

Can activism be combined with studying? This is an important question for many students (and parents). After all, studying is the main reason why students come to the University of Twente. Studying can easily be combined with becoming a member of a student association, being active, or doing business. You will understand that when you decide to go to the pub every night, it will be a challenge to get good study results. Yet it is a fact that the majority of the students that studies at the University of Twente decides to join a student association or to become active. One the one hand, this fact may already convince you that it is indeed possible to combine activism with studying, on the other hand it can also easily be calculated. If you spend an average of 40 hours on studying, you will have enough evenings and weekends to spend on enjoying the rest of your student life.

The Student Union makes a distinction between ‘large activism’ and ‘small activism’. ‘When students choose for ‘small activism’, they do not have to put their study on hold. They can, for example, fulfil a position in a committee or part-time board and also follow classes and modules so that they do not have to delay their study.

‘Large activism’ entails that a student spends a full working week on activism, for which their study is put on hold for a certain period. In order not to face any surprises, it is advised to meet with your study advisor to see whether ‘large activism’ fits in with your study career. The University of Twente offers financial compensation for this form of activism in most cases.

More information for parents about activism can be found in the parent brochure.