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Romanian student association

Members: 20-50
Boardmembers: 6
Hours/week: 5-10
Duration: 1 year
Board changes: Jun
International: Yes

We’re a newly founded world association and our aim is to strenghten the cultural exchange between the Romanian students and the international community through organizing several events throughout the year.

UT muslims

Members: 51 members
Board Members: 8
Hours/week: 7-10 
Duration: 1 year
Board changes: Sep
International: Yes

UT Muslims is the Muslim Student Association of Enschede. We strive to act as a bridge between muslims & non-muslims and to make the muslim students steadfast and knowledgeable, while creating a multicultural, home-like atmosphere for personal development on Islamic and Academic grounds. Contact us via: ut.muslims@gmail.com