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Activism awards

During the academic year, several awards are handed out for activism.


The Student Union P-activism prize is awarded annually to a second year student who completed all of his/her 60 ECs in the first year and also has been active that year in extra-curricular activities.

Winner 2014: Dieuwert Blomjous
The student Civil Engineering, Dieuwert Blomjous, has moved to Enschede, after traveling between Zwolle and Enschede for several weeks. She went from sports on the highest level in Dalfsen, to studying in Enschede. The first committee she took place in, was the InterExcie of ConcepT. This committee is responsible for excursions and lunch lectures for the study association. It did not take long before she also became active in the AkCie, the activity committee of ConcepT. Near the end of her first year, she also joined the OLC, in order to work on improvement of the quality of education, during which she has learned the following: "I have learned to choose my words more carefully during discussions. Furthermore I improve my critical capacity."


To put all the spotlights on Culture, the Student Union awards the Culture prize each year to a person, several people, a (student-)organization or a cultural project who delivered a positive contribution to the cultural climate on the University of Twente.

Winner 2013/2014: Daan Egberts

Daan, student Civil Engineering and active member at cabaret association Contramine and theater association NEST, is the driving force of the renovation of the open-air theater. Since he played a part in the musical Alice in Wonderland during the summer of 2012, he worked hard for the renovation.

Winner 2012: S.D.V. Chassé

Students dance association Chassé had worked hard to improve the cultural environment at the UT.

Winner 2011: Valentine's Dance Gala

With the Valentine's Dance Gala, the dance associations of the University of Twente were brought together in an unique way. The different associations showed their passion for dance in this fun activity and gave a boost to the cultural climate of the university.

Winner 2010: EAR-Resistival

The EAR-Resistival connects culture and education with each other. In 2010 this festival was organized for the first time by students for their minor Music. EAR-Resistival drew our attention immediately by the right balance and connection between the two disciplines in combination with the brand new character of the event.

Winner 2009: SHOT 3TU concerts committee

SHOT 3TU concerts committee did realize a complex organization with 3 orchestras in Eindhoven, Delft and Enschede.

Winner 2008: Scratch

Winner 2007: Break-Even and in particular Bart Hilhorst

Winner 2006: Sponsorlach

Winner 2005: February Music Month

Winner 2004: Pachtcommissie

Winner 2003: Programmeringscommissie

Winner 2002: CLUTcie

Winner 2001: Nestival

Winner 2000: Pythische Spelen


The Student Union has founded the Henk Zijm International Award in 2009. This award goes to a student, employee, association, organization or someone else of the UT-community who works in a special way to improve the international environment of the University of Twente.

Winner 2013: Buddies (from the Buddy project)

Winner 2012: Mareike Backhaus

Mareike is the perfect example of how a student can contribute to the international community at the University of Twente. She used to be UniTe's chairperson, which she did with a lot of passion. Mareike got involved in UniTe's predecessor, PITS, through her term as president of AIESEC. Thanks to her personal interest she stayed involved in the platform, and she took a very active part, by being important in the transformation of UniTe. Also thanks to her contribution, UniTe became an independently operating institution. 

Winner 2011: Turkish student association Tusat

Winner 2010: Latin-American study association L.A. Voz

L.A. Voz was founded in 2009. In the short time they exist they contributed in large to the internationalization and integration at the university. L.A. Voz plays an active role in the PITS (now called UniTe red.) meetings and organized different activities and parties accessible for all international and national students. Also L.A. Voz took the initiative to examine the possibility of offering minors to international masters and PhD students.

Winner 2009: Thomas Ziehmer