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Corona information

The nationwide policy to mainly stay home is asking for another approach for activities that have always been physical. Lectures hosted by study organizations, Friday afternoon drinks and yoga lessons which usually were hosted in groups on or around campus, are now switching to online initiatives until physical gatherings and activities can be hosted again. 

Whether you are in the board or member of one of the 100+ student-run organizations of the UT, there are plenty of ways to still provide the same support and fun to members as always. However, we hope to work together with all student organizations to also involve all UT-students in the initiatives. 

To achieve this goal, we would like to invite you, on the one hand, to consult with other student organizations, the UT and with us (Student Union), so that we can inspire and support each other during this period. On the other hand, we would like to ask you all to share initiatives generously with the members and non-members of your organization, so that all students can participate in the initiatives that are already there and are yet to come in times of self-isolation.

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