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16 april 2020

Challenge yourself!

So, here we are. In a totally new situation, with a lot of new challenges. How to study at home? How to become productive with temptations like Netflix, Facebook or your bed so close? How to stay in contact with your friends, study mates and relatives? In the upcoming posts we try to help you with these questions and support you to make the best of it. This time on challenging yourself.

There is a time to study and a time to …

Chill out? Watch a movie? Binge watch a Netflix-serie? What do you do when you are not working or studying. There is a lot you can think of and you probably have your short-list of favourite free time activities. But not everything is possible now, and you might get bored with the things you do already. So, we are talking about the moment you really get bored and nothing gets you moving. What could you do then?

Challenge yourself

How about learning a new skill? Of course it might be painful as you fall off your bike when you are learning how to ride it, but there is also pride, self-confidence and fun to gain when learning something new. It can be really exciting. And if you are easily motivated by external factors, consider the amount of prestige you could get with your new skills.

Start easy

Here are some examples of things that are not even that hard to master. At times you get bored, they might be the express way to joy and happiness!

Magic tricks

How nice to be able to spice up a party with some magic tricks! As you know, distraction and misleading is the main part of all magic. In the next tutorial you will get to know how you can do this when you make a coin simply disappear in front of everyone’s eyes.

Coin trick tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTfOul5ALlA&feature=youtu.be 

Food art

Even when you are not that good in the kitchen, with this tutorial you will surprise everyone. A sharp knife and a little extra preparation time will do. Your messmates will be stunned by the way you are presenting your next dish.

Food art tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N90HDbRVicI


At some point in your life you saw someone doing the moonwalk and you probably thought two things. 1. How on earth? And 2. If I could do that! Not only will you find a very nice tutorial below, but also some inspiration of what you could do with it.

At some point we will be able to go shopping again, right? And why not do that in this new style, like this shopper does in Paris. Notice the effect it has on other shoppers.

Moonwalk Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGm6v9-1ZBU

Moonwalk in Paris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIhu6q4guS0

Take it to the next level!

This is just a random selection of new skills you can develop. If it didn’t got you going, why not find a skill yourself? There is so much inspiration to find! And if it did got you going, why not take it up to the next level? Find yourself harder magic tricks, complex dance moves or Michelin-star recipes for cooking. Maybe, at a certain moment after corona, we are able to share with each other what we have learned…

Good luck and have fun!