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23 april 2020

Get in the right state

By Buro Winners

How are you doing?

Be honest now: how are you doing? High scores for your performance in this situation? Having trouble to stay productive and manage your time wisely? Need to push harder?

Don’t be too hard on yourself

When the going gets tough, the tough get going they say. So, in order to be successful in this situation you will need a lot of dedication, perseverance and resilience? Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, right? You might have had the experience already that someone told you to stay strong and keep up, or you might have been telling yourself that story. Does that always motivate you, or do you sometimes get tired of the pushy tone of that voice?

Mildness and compassion

Next to strength, there is other ways to deal with change, setback or tough situations. You could add a little mildness and compassion for example. It could lead to a bit more understanding about what’s happening with you, why you feel the way you do and that it is not that strange that you have moments of distraction and unproductiveness.

It starts with consciousness

Of course it’s nice to be in the right state. And it’s worth to try and get there. But when you can’t get in that state easily, don’t try to hard. Instead, do something else, which starts with being conscious of the state you’re in.

No-nonsense paper tool

Print the file below. Cut it out, fold it and assemble the two parts, all according to the instructions and put it on your desk. Every now and then when you see this thermometer, ask yourself what state you are in:

Dekstop thermometer

-        The best you can be?
Everything is running smoothly. Keep up the good work and celebrate!

-        Do-able me?
You are doing okay and you get away with it. Nothing be really proud of. Why not try to improve a little bit?

-        My life sucks?

You are in the danger zone. Well done acknowledging it! Now, follow the next instructions.

Ask your subconsciousness

Being conscious about the state you are in is the perfect first step. The next step is to ask your subconscious to take control and solve the problem. Ask this simple powerful question that will set your subconsciousness to work: How can I become a better version of myself? After asking that question, what’s next?

Don’t drink too much and give it some time
(Aristotle, quoted freely)

Wait and see

Put some faith in your subconscious creative potential and sleep over it. One bad day doesn’t mean you will have a bad life. You don’t have to know yet how you will create your best state. You will know it tomorrow.

Look mildly and with compassion, at yourself and your neighbours.