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1 juni 2020

How to deal with setback?


There is so much we can’t do now and so much we missed due to corona measures. Think about major events like the Batavierenrace or the Dutch Olympic Games for students that was to be held in Enschede this spring. How about your sport training, your drinks at the study or student association? Maybe you started your bachelor or master assignment at an inspiring organisation and workplaces were locked down?

Always look at the bride side!

Something that is easier said than done, sometimes. And maybe it’s not always good to put feelings of disappointment away. So, we will pay some attention to disappointment and setback. Not to hang in there forever of course. Implementing the next tips might help you when you experience setback during corona time.

#1 Take the punch

Life comes with ups and downs. From a philosophical point of view you could say that there could only be ups if there were downs as well. So, it’s okay you feel disappointed, frustrated or unmotivated. Let it hurt. Just set a deadline for the hurting to stop.

#2 Take a look from a different perspective

Ask yourself some questions that make you look at it from a different perspective, like:

-        How would Donald Duck, Obama or Superman deal with this?

-        What does this mean five years from now?

-        If there is to find something positive in this situation, what would that be?

#3 Learn from it

What does the current situation tell you about you in situations of major change? What have you learned about yourself? Do you have a fixed or growth mindsetWould you follow you when change is coming?If you would ever have to deal with such a major change again, forced to you be circumstances, what would you like to say to yourself then?

#4 Cut the crap

Disappointment, frustration and demotivation all have to do with having positive expectations that didn’t come out. So …

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

(Jim Rohn)

#5 Connect with others

Surround yourself with people you like to be with. Select people that are coping well with the situation and have a positive attitude towards the situation. Watch them, learn, copy and steal from them. Find yourself some A-players to connect with.

Stay safe and be conscious!