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7 mei 2020

I just don't feel like it

So, here we are. In a totally new situation, with a lot of new challenges. How to study at home? How to become productive with temptations like Netflix, Facebook or your bed so close? How to stay in contact with your friends, study mates and relatives? In the upcoming posts we try to help you with these questions and support you to make the best of it. This time on excuses you make up and how to neglect them.


Sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing what you should do. There is this voice in your head that tells you that you should put some effort in, that you should try harder and that you cannot run away from your duty. But there is also this other voice that says it can be done later, it’s okay to take a break and you just can’t be productive all the time.

Take the shortcut

There is a lot to say about the psychology behind our actions and behind our lack of actions too. We are able to think about why we want to be successful, in what we want to be successful, how nice it would be to be successful and then, miraculously … we just don’t do the things that would lead to success. Maybe in a later blog post, we will talk about some psychology behind your ineffective behaviour. But today we will focus on the shortcut to effective behaviour, it’s a very simple thing you can do and it’s fun to.

Cut the crap and throw a dice

Whenever you are conscious of making up excuses to start with something important or to stay focussed on what you are doing, cut the crap and just a dice. You will find a nice dice over here. To stay productive there is five sides of this dice that tell you in several ways what you should do, think or say to yourself. And because sometimes it’s good idea to relax for a moment, there is one side of the dice that says ‘have a break’. Whatever you throw, stick to it!

Creative mood?

Why not make your own dice? In the end YOU are the one that knows yourself best and you probably know what you have to tell yourself to get in Iine and stay there. Create the best encouragements on the sides of your personal dice. You can use the dice in the attachment, or flip it around and use the blank side.


Become your greatest inspirator yourself!

Take care!