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28 mei 2020

A surprising tip to stop procrastinating

By Buro Winners


Procrastinating is the activity –not the right word to use in this case probably – of avoiding to do something. There is so much to find about it, that the question comes to mind: when answers of how to stop procrastinating are everywhere, why are people still doing it? Well, there might be a lot of reasons but procrastinating looking for solutions is probably one of them.


Johnny Kelly was an art student. He graduated, making an animation about procrastination. If you look at it the question comes to mind: what was Johnny procrastinating while making this film?

Here is a link to the video, though it’s risky to go there, because looking at the video:

-        might inspire you to do a lot of new things while procrastinating (not good! 😊)

-        might lead to looking a lot of other video’s because the link will get you to youtube, and youtube will probably recommend some other video’s that you could watch and before you know it, you will never get back to the rest of this blog! Or even worse: when reading this blog was procrastinating study activities, you will never get back to studying…
So, choose wisely whether you will take a look at the video! Whatever you do, don’t forget to check the somewhat strange tip about how to stop procrastinating.


Huh? That doesn’t make any sense, right? Let’s get into this strange tip to stop procrastinating. It’s pretty simple, you don’t have to do anything. There it is, that’s the tip. Just do nothing at all. It’s solving procrastination with procrastination.


Doing nothing at all might not be that easy. It can actually be a challenge! The best thing to do is to put the things you should do (the things you are procrastinating) in front of you. And then DON’T DO THEM! As soon as you experience you are on your way to doing something else, like getting a cup of coffee, arranging stuff on your desk, glancing at your smartphone, stop yourself and get back to what’s in front of you. But make sure you DON’T DO IT. You can look at the things you procrastinate, but you can’t start doing it. It’s like Ellen DeGeneres said:

Procrastination is not the problem.

It’s the solution.

Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.


You are not going to make this longer than five minutes. Before you know it, you will be dying to start the thing that you should be doing.

Good luck!