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Are you excited about starting a new chapter of your life? 

We know student life can be a lot challenging, to ease your introduction to your new living environment; we have the following facilities at the Student Union. 

More than
a nice student house
More than
a hobby
More than
a degree
Kick-In Buddy

The Buddy Program is an initiative of the Student Union that aims to make arriving international students feel at home in the Netherlands, but most of all at the University of Twente. Upon the start of each semester, an experienced student, the so-called “Buddy”, is matched to one or more arriving international students based on hobbies and other personal preferences.

Dare to Connect
Kick-In Pick up service

Are you looking for a way to get to your new home at Enschede? We present to you the Free Pickup service students where are coming from Schipol Airport. 

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Kick-In Introduction Days

The Kick-In is the introduction time at the University of Twente. It will be from Wednesday the 19th of August until Wednesday the 26th of  August. During the Kick-In you will be shown the great student life that you're about to enter. You'll meet new friends here and get to know the university, the campus, the city of Enschede and your personal study environment. The Kick-In is all about getting to know the sport-, culture- and social associations and discovering what Enschede and the University have to offer! 

Time to Discover

 Have a great stay in Enschede and see you for More Than a Degree!