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Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 period has not changed much, but you should take into consideration the following rules once you arrive at the supermarket:

List of all the local supermarkets in Enschede.

Will you be going in self quarantine once you have arrived in the Netherlands?

Ask a person you know in the neighbourhood to help you buy groceries. E.g. a friend or neighbour.  If nobody is able to help you,  you can contact buddy@union.utwente.nl. The buddy platform is probably able to help you by giving tips about doing your groceries.

There are 3 supermarkets in the Netherlands that also offer online grocery shopping and will deliver it to your house:

  1. Albert Heijn
  2. Jumbo
  3. Picnic

The websites are unfortunately all in Dutch, Google Translate could therefore be helpfull to automatically translate the entire webpage.