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Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 period has not changed much, but you should take into consideration the following rules once you arrive at the supermarket:

List of all the local supermarkets in Enschede.

Will you be going in self quarantine once you have arrived in the Netherlands?

Ask a person you know in the neighbourhood to help you buy groceries. E.g. a friend or neighbour. 

There are 3 supermarkets in the Netherlands that also offer online grocery shopping and will deliver it to your house:

  1. Albert Heijn
  2. Jumbo
  3. Picnic

The websites are unfortunately all in Dutch, Google Translate could therefore be helpfull to automatically translate the entire webpage. 

We also offer the Buddy Grocery service, a student will help you with getting the groceries you need. Please fill in the following webform if you would like to make use of this service:

If really nobody can help you with groceries, you  are allowed to break your quarantine (status July 27th). If you have to do so, please avoid peak hours and, although not obligatory at the moment, you may consider to wear a face mask.