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Preventive Self Quarantine

This website is to support students who need preventive quarantine upon arrival in the Netherlands (as a new student, or after return from your parents/vacation) and their housemates/friends.

What is preventive quarantine?

Preventive quarantine or self-quarantine is the situation where you have to stay at home for 14 days after travelling from a region/country labelled red/orange by the Dutch government. For up-to-date description of the requirements see the following webpage.

Self-quarantine takes place in the same accommodation you have rented to live in. Self-quarantine is allowed in accommodation with shared facilities (bathroom, toilets, kitchen). Please keep a distance of 1,5 m to your housemates (for example make a time-schedule for using the kitchen). You are allowed to be on a balcony or in the yard of the house (if available). In case of preventive quarantine housemates are free to leave the house and move around, unless the person quarantined or another housemate shows Covid-19 symptoms. In that case, another protocol is in place: the person with symptoms needs to be tested and has to stay in the house until the result of the test are in.In case symptoms include fever and shortage of breath also housemates need stay in te house until the results of the test are in.

Preparing for preventive quarantine

If you need preventive quarantine we advise you to pay attention to the following:

Upon arrival

The Student Union/Kick-In will arrange for pick-up service. Due to Covid-19 measures this service will not be free. Costs will be lower however than a train ticket Schiphol-Enschede. Pick-up services will be available to registered students and only if sufficient places are available.

You are allowed to use public transport to travel to your quarantine accommodation. If you do so, please avoid rush hour. Face masks are obligatory at Schiphol Airport as well as in all public transport. See the following webpage for a detailed instruction on how to get from Schiphol to Enschede.

Surviving quarantine

Having to stay inside another 14 days after arrival is not fun after we already experienced months of restrictions. This may help you:

Help needed?

In all other cases:

Quarantine after (suspected) Covid-19 infection

Common symptoms that may point to Covid-19 are: a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat, a mild cough, a sudden loss of smell or taste, a fever and shortness of breath.

Additional info about testing

Being a housemate of a person in quarantine