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Board Training

As part of the Board Improvement Program, the Student Union supports full-time boards by sponsoring training courses from professional training agencies. Together with a professional coach, you get to enjoy multiple private sessions that are tailored to your board’s needs. You can follow these training sessions at the start of the board year so you can use the skills learned during the year.

Each association can apply for one training course per academic year. Boards starting at the beginning of the academic year can apply for a training course from September 2020. Boards starting halfway through the academic year can apply from February 2021. Because the policy of handing out the training courses was recently changed, also associations that already received training sessions in 2020 can now apply (given a new board has started). Please use this form to apply. In case we receive more applications than the budget allows, a random selection will be made.

Training Agencies

Buro Winners
Specialized in leadership and effective communication
Specialized in didactics, in influencing people
Specialized in marketing and strategy
Loof trainingen