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The More Than A Degree Awards 2020 will take place on 21 October, 16:00 in Waaier 1. This form will be open until the 11th of September.

Most Active Student

The student community of Enschede is kept running by many hard-working students who eagerly organize events, run organizations and bring people together. The most active student is in their second year or higher and has made a significant contribution to the student community.

Most Active First Year

The most active first year student is someone who was able to contribute in various ways to the student life of Enschede while still achieving all 60 EC in their study programme.

Most Entrepreneurial Student

This is the category for those students who made an effort to help the UT keep the title of 'most entrepreneurial university' by running their own company or by otherwise promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Best Full-time board

Most large associations or student teams are run by a group of students who are willing to put their studies on hold for a year. The best full-time board (30+ hours/week) of this academic year have made a great effort to improve their association and student life in Enschede in general.

Best Part-time board

The best part-time board (10+ hours/week) were able to run their association with much enthusiasm for a year, while still showing up to the classroom!

Best Event or Committee

Boards are supported by groups of active members who organize events and put in the extra work for their association. The best committee came up with original ideas or achieved something exceptional as a committee.

Henk Zijm Internationalization Award

This price is awarded to a student or a group that has helped to progress the internationalization of the university by bringing people of different nationalities together. Please note: nominations in this category do not have to be international students.

Sports award

The sports award is given to a student or a group that has made an exceptional athletic achievement.

Jan Schuijer Culture Award

The culture award is given to a student or a group that have done something exceptional in the cultural arts sector.

Student union appreciation award

The Student Union Appreciation Award is given to a student who showed a lot of invlolvement within the student community. The student has put effort in organizing an event, setting up initiatives or has done any other activity, which is highly valuable for and aligns with the goals of the Student Union.