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2 December 2019 20.30 hour - 23.00 hour

Vrijhof PubQuiz

PubQuizMaster Chris Piguillet is coming back to the Campus for a new edition of the Vrijhof PubQuiz!

This time he’ll be accompanied by Mastercaller Jacques Nieuwlaat, a.k.a. The Human Calculator.

There’ll be questions about sports, geography, films etc., but also a music round and photo round (“whose beard is this?”). And you might be surprised by some funny games in between. 

And… there will be an award for the Vrijhof PubQuiz champion of the night! 

You can participate in teams of 2-6 persons, as long as one of the team members bought a team-ticket in advance. The other team-members buy the first drinks. (or you just send each other a ‘Tikkie’)

Vrijhof - Theatercafé
2 December 2019 20.30 hour - 23.00 hour