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Microsoft TEAMS for students

To simplify logging in to the UT environment for students, it will be possible to log in with one login name, i.e. with your UT email address (e.g. v.vanGogh@student.utwente.nl) from 12 May 2020. After this conversion, you will also be able to use Microsoft TEAMS. 

What does this mean for you? 
Your login name will be converted to your UT email address on 12 May at 10:00.  
Your WIFI – eduroam will have been converted around 11:00, and the Microsoft applications will have been converted by approx. 16:00. 
To continue using the following ICT services, you will have to log in again with your UT email address:

After this conversion, other services for which you can log in with your email address will follow.