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Kick-in update associations

Dear association,

You've probably all heard the newly announced government relaxations that came into effect in August. We as KIC would like to respond as much as possible to these new relaxations, in order to achieve the most fun Kick-In. Due to the short time we have left and many challenges, it is difficult to change much about the program. However, we will do everything we can to scale up the current physical parts as much as possible and add more physical activities where possible.


Within the announcement on June 24 the physical activities our program were: city tours, campus tours, sports and culture workshops, BBQs, foodhalls drive through and pizza dinners. We will try to scale this up as much as possible, so that as many do-groups as possible can register for this. Below is described what this upscaling means for you as an association and the program. In addition, we want to try to introduce new physical activities into the program, which we will keep to ourselves as they are still very uncertain.


The online program has not changed much, especially the time slots of the physical activities.

Physical activities can be reserved per time slot per do-group. The major changes are summarized below:

• The campus and city tours are now from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and are being scaled up. 
• The sports and culture workshops are now from 12:00 to 16:00, world associations are also given the opportunity to organize workshops. 
• The online sports, culture and world workshops have been moved to 14: 00-16: 00 and now overlap with the physical workshops. 
• The online information markets have been moved to 16: 00-17: 00. 
• The BBQs and Pizza dinners on campus (in the 'dinners' program) will be scaled up, so that as many do-groups as possible can register for this. In addition, there is the possibility to get dinner through the Foodhallen Drive Through. 
We hope to give you more information about other possible physical activities soon.



The changes mainly affect the physical workshops. Due to the increased capacity, we would also like to give world associations the opportunity to offer physical workshops on campus. If you are interested in this, please register via the site via the activity: "[Physical] Sports & Culture workshops!". The registered associations had to indicate in the description their availability for the timeslots of the workshops, these timeslots have now been changed to:
 - Thu 20/8 12: 00-16: 00
 - Fri 21/8 10: 00-14: 00 
- Sat 22/8 12: 00-16: 00 
- Sun 23/8 10: 00-17: 00
We would like to ask you to adjust in the description at which of these times you want to organize a workshop for the prospective students, so that we can make a good distribution. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope you can adjust all this before July 1!


Due to the new RIVM measures / relaxations, more is possible in August, also during the organization of parallel activities. We therefore understand if you want to make any adjustments. Let us know before 1 July by sending new plans / activities / adjustments to logistics@kick-in.nl. Even if you want to change something during the times of the activities, please discuss this with us before 1 July, in consultation adjustments can be made to the restrictions. A lot is possible in close consultation.




Adjusting availability physical workshop in kick-in site

Organization profile --> show activities --> adjust descriptions.

July 1

Register Online Workshop

July 1

Sending in new/challenging online activities

July 1

Send in files for Music Bingo Quiz

 (MP4 to secretaris@kick-in.nl)

July 6

Send video link for Online Workshop

Send video link for video about association  

August 1

The deadline for registering for a physical workshop and a place in IntroCloud has passed. Are you still interested in this? Mail to secretaris@kick-in.nl, then we can look at the possibilities together!

In this constantly changing situation, we try to keep you as well as possible informed of our process and program. Please let us know if anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, so that we can organize a great Kick-In for the prospective students!

With best regards,

Esmay Hammink

Secretary Kick-In Committee 2020