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Meet the new Student Union board members

We are happy to announce the new Student Union board members, who will be starting in September 2021!

Koen Hasperhoven will take over from Emmillie Kuks as President of the board with the portfolios Strategy & Policy and Staff & Organisation; Coen van Orlé will be taking over from Giel van Weezel as member of the board with the portfolios Finance & Accommodation and Enterprises; Fleur Korving will replace Irene van de Zande as member of the board with the portfolios Sports & Performing Arts; and Godelieve Brasz will replace Bregje Walraven as member of the board with the portfolios Communication, Internationalization & Wellbeing. 

Godelieve answered a few questions about her upcoming role:

Why did you choose to do a board year at the SU?

Last year I was able to do a board year at the Sports Umbrella Twente. I found this very educational and I realized that I wanted to commit myself even more to students. Last year I also noticed that I sometimes regretted that I had to divide my time and energy between board and study. During the upcoming year I can start working full-time and for this I am very enthusiastic.

Do you have any specific goals for the upcoming year within your portfolio?

I want to be able to work for the entire UT community. The community is very diverse and varied, and I believe everyone deserves to be heard. I also think it would be a good idea to better involve the international community and to introduce them to the wide variety of associations at the University.

What are you most looking forward to during your time as a board member?

Getting to know new people and sectors. I like broadening my horizons and I think my portfolio is best suited to this. It would, of course, be very nice if everything could take place physically again from the new academic year on, and I could work in the Bastille together with my fellow board members.

A warm welcome

We are looking forward to seeing all the great developments the new board members will implement for students at the UT, and wish them all the best during their time as board members of the SU. 

We would also like to thank the departing board members for their commitment to making every student at the University feel welcome and wish them well during their next endeavours.