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Developer with the iDB

What will you do?

As members of the iDB, we work year-round on the digital support of the Kick-In. This is done mainly via our digital platform, which serves as a hub for all information related to the event: from do-groups and activity tickets to scenarios and crew planning. The maintenance, improvement and extension of this platform is the main task of the iDB. Besides, there is close contact with the Kick-In Committee about new functionality to be added to the system and about how existing functionality can be used best. Occasionally, we also work with other stakeholders from the university to make sure the platform also works for their needs.

The development of the platform is mainly done on Tuesday evenings during our work sessions, but we understand the need to study for an exam or have something else important every once in a while. You’re also free to work on the system outside the planned sessions, if you’re so inclined.

What do we expect?

What is working at the SU like?

The iDB committee is a small but serious team without a strict task division, so you can work on the things that are interesting to you. There’s space to discuss and implement your own ideas. Having fun and a good atmosphere is quite important in the committee. That is why there are activities together with the Kick-In Committee multiple times a year, to get to know each other better.

Altogether, the committee is one where you can develop yourself personally and professionally by working on complex tasks in a social and serious team. You can make the difference!

Application procedure

Are you enthusiastic about making the Kick-In even more awesome? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact the committee at idb@kick-in.nl.