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Do you want to be the first Sports Umbrella Twente?

Are you doubting whether you are suitable to be a SUT board member for the academic year of 2020 – 2021? Or are you simply wondering what specifically your tasks will be? Starting off, your main concern will be to keep the Sector sport healthy with a main focus on the student sports associations of the University of Twente. Now, how will you be doing that?

First SUT board

Because you will be the first SUT board, you will have the opportunity to add your own touch to your board year. Past year, a lot of things have been changed, so 2020-2021 will be the pilot year. You will get the opportunity to give your opinion about a lot of topics and regular evaluations will be done. At the beginning of the year, basic topics as KvK registration, logo and website need to be discussed.


Your potentially biggest task is concerned with the financial aspects. You will receive a certain amount of money from the University and you will be authorized to divide this amount among all the sports associations on behalf of the Student Union. This year, a new subsidy model was made. Next year it needs to be executed. It will be the first year to work with the subsidy model, so therefore it is important that a specific evaluation is done, and necessary adjustments have to be made.

Other tasks

On a policy level, you will have a significant influence on the decisions that are made for the Sector Sport. On a more practical level, you will discuss issues and potential improvements regarding instructions, accommodation and materials, as well as different contracts. Some of the discussions that you will be involved in are ongoing or at least reoccurring, other cases are rather unique.

What you gain

Generally speaking, you will get insights into policy making on quite a high level, how to keep overview and make the best decisions for the overall interest, develop analytical skills, communication and persuasion techniques, logic thinking as well as solution-oriented working. Owning these qualities, you become highly valuable for the working field.

Not to forget you will get to know a lot of diverse groups of people and unique structures. It is a great joy to experience different trainings, attend tournaments and bring sport boards together at a few of your own meetings and events.

Last but not least, you will get reimbursed with approximately 1000€ (FOBOS) for your part-time job which you can schedule in quite a flexible manner depending on how many additional projects you and your board want to take up.

Time planning

The SUT board is a part time board year. As a team you set your own goals and standards, and therefore you will determine your own intensity of your board year. It is expected that you spend around 8 hours per week on average, which can differ during the different periods.


If you are certain you want to be the next Sports Umbrella Twente board, you can send your motivation and CV to l.p.j.venix@utwente.nl at May 24th latest. After that, the application interviews will take place, with the next supervisory board of the SUT. In June, the new SUT board will be announced!

Want to know more?

The first interest moment is on April 30th, at 12.30. The meeting will be in bluejeans and you can attend via this link: https://bluejeans.com/625410233. After this interest moment, of course also more than happy to answer your questions, via skype or in person (if circumstances permit). Feel free to send an email to l.p.j.venix@utwente.nl, to make an appointment. If you give your preference who you want to talk to, Lisanne will arrange that for you!