Student Union Afternoon Sessions Committee

The SUAS committee organizes the Student Union Afternoon Sessions (SUAS) for all students on the UT to develop themselves to the fullest potential. The SUAS are a sequence of workshops of which 4 will be organized every quartile. The workshops have very different topics like personal leadership, time-management or to explore your core qualities.

What do you have to do?

The committee falls under the supervision of the portfolio holder Academic Development of the Student Union. Although the committee works very autonomous. You keep close contact with trainings bureau’s and the sessions are shaped and organized by the trainers and the committee together. That makes sure you are able to give your input for new topics and trainings and to realize them by yourself. Besides your input, there is a research going on about competence development for students. Those results will be implemented in the Afternoon Sessions. That gives the committee a direction about which topics should be included in the Sessions.

What do we expect?

Which who will you work with?

You mostly work together with the three other committee members, Sterre, Luisa and Jorine. The committee works also close together with the portfolio holder Academic Development of the SU. Per week the time you have to spent on  the committee is mostly 3 hours per week (voluntary basis).


Are you enthousastic about the committee or do you still have any questions? Don’t hesitate to make contact via s.m.bruggenwirth@utwente.nl . Applications should include a short motivation and CV, and should be send to s.m.bruggenwirth@utwente.nl.