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UTMUN Organizational Committee Member

Are you a good communicator, have an innovation-driven personality and want to help organise a large-scale event? UTMUN is currently looking for motivated students to help organise and develop a Model United Nations (MUN) conference, promoting our new UTwente - MUN vision and philosophy.

Job description

Depending on the sub-committee you can work in external relations, marketing, research or logistics. External relations will be in charge of sponsorships and collaborations and will be working closely with the current board members. Marketing involves developing market research strategies and organising marketing plans alongside the current Affairs and Logistics Board member. Research is involved in the content and conference structure and will be working with the Secretary-General and Chair.  Lastly, logistics will be involved in location management, HR and working with the treasurer and logistics board member.

What are we looking for in a committee member?

- Commitment and availability (about 2-3 hours a week)
- High communication skills
- Strong grasp of spoken and written English
- Organization Skills (ideally previous experience, even if with small events, trips etc.)
- Will be enrolled for the academic year '19'20

Please mail us your CV and a motivation letter (of 1/2 page max.) at utwentemun@gmail.com