As most students know, a board year or participation in a large committee is a meaningful addition to your study and student time. At the UT many associations do well due to the large number of active students, but this must be maintained. In order to keep activism high among students, the Activism Market is organised annually by associations and the Student Union. This market aims to inform students about the various associations at the UT in an informative way.

The activism market often includes several associations that can present themselves to the student. For associations without members, this is a particularly great opportunity to recruit students. The Activism Market is the ideal opportunity for student to orientate on what they want to do in the field of activism. A number of boards are on this market to present themselves to the students. While enjoying a “broodje kroket”, students can learn all about the various associations, foundations, and committees.

The activism market is organised every year by the Student Union, for questions it is best to email. You can also find more information about the content of the market in the booklet below.

Information booklet