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Student union afternoon sessions

WHat are the student union afternoon sessions?

The Student Union Afternoon Sessions, or simply SUAS, are sessions that focus on your personal development. Every quartile there are four sessions, that take place at the end of the afternoon. These sessions have an overarching theme and on the basis of that theme sessions are organized. You can come to a session, but you can also follow all four of them, whatever you want. The SUAS offers you the chance to make the most out of yourself!

how can i participate?

Do you want to make the most out of yourself and participate in one of the afternoon sessions? You can! The Student Union Afternoon Sessions are often on Mondays from 16:45 to 18:30. You can participate by following the steps below!
-Click on this link to register your participation.
-Buy a token, this can be done at the UnionShop (Bastille) or at the door for only three euros!
-Come to the session!

Block 1 - The individual against society

Session 1 - Being good in 3D

Are you familiar with the difficulty of making the right choice for your studies, career or future plans? Do you want to learn how to expand your horizon without drowning in the amount of choices you get when you step out of your comfort zone? In this session, you will learn how to contribute to society and a better world, as well as how to benefit from it yourself and develop yourself as an individual.

When: 19 September, 16.45 - 18.30

Where: Bastille, Global Lounge

Session 2 - Living in a global village

Compared to fifty years ago, society has changed and we become more familiar with the influences of different cultures. Also companies are becoming more international and the world is getting more crowded. How do you find uniqueness and handle the enormous amount of influences from an ever changing society?

When: 3 October, 16.45 - 18.30

Where: Bastille, Global Lounge

Session 3 - The extensions of man

This session will be about a common challenge our current society is coping with: the pressure of the internet and the constant connection to the outside world. How far can we as humans extend ourselves with smartphones, tablets and other devices? And where lies the boundary between man and technology?

When: 17 October, 16:45 - 18.30

Where: Bastille, Room 4

Session 4 - A change is gonna come

Sometimes in life, unexpected things happen. This last session will be about your flexibility in life and how to cope with inevitable changes on small scale, with important life events, or on bigger scale, in society. Be prepared, if you put these techniques in practice: a change is gonna come!

When: 31 October, 16.45 - 18.30

Where: Bastille, Global Lounge

Previous Sessions

Curious about what kind of trainings there have been? Look at the sessions of the last three quartiles and get an idea of what the Student Union Afternoon Sessions entail.

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Voor vragen of andere zaken kun je contact opnemen met de commissie. Dit kan door een mailtje te sturen naar afternoonsessions@union.utwente.nl