The history

Connecting Hands started in 2015 after a think tank organised by the Student Union of the University of Twente. Employees of the university decided to raise money after protests by local residents on the planned building of an AZC (refugee centre) in Enschede. With the raised money, students could organise activities for refugees in a neighbouring AZC.

the present

Now, in 2017, after three years of Connecting Hands, we will continue to create a large platform for students to connect with refugees. We currently have a collaboration with the AZC (refugee centre) in Almelo, after the AZC Azelo residences have been closed. By teaming up with other organisations in Enschede and neighbouring cities, we will continue to host activities and invite people to help out refugees. 

The future

The mission of the Connecting Hands committee is to create a platform for everyone; students, Dutch people, refugees, asylum seekers and all other people living with us. We believe people will function better, feel healthier and are happier in our society when there is a mutual agreement and understanding. 

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This past December we were invited by news medium RTV Oost to talk about our work. Committee members Tim and Pleuni explained during a TV interview some things about our activities and future. The other guest of the programme, mayor of Raalte, (mr. Dadema), shared his view on our work too.

More mentions of Connecting Hands at the UT in the press can be seen here

We host one or two activities each month with several partners. Student associations are always eager to contribute, and other local organisations hosted activities too. For example, football club FC Twente and cooking studio Kook en Co made special arrangements for us. We strive for more collaborations in Enschede and its surroundings, while we already work together with partners such as M-Pact and Alifa. Read more on our partners here.  

Check out the agenda below for upcoming events!

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