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M-Pact is an organisation that provides supports, advice, training, integrations, participation and activism to civilians, companies, municipalities and voluntary initiatives. The goals are to ensure everybody participates in the society, stimulate social awareness and social entrepreneurship, and to connect civilians, organisations and companies that want to participate in our society.

M-Pact creates (voluntary) job openings, for which refugees can apply. With it, they will participate - through M-Pact - at companies or organisations throughout Enschede. One of them is cultural centre Het Tankstation in Enschede, while another is Connecting Hands at the UT... 


M-Pact has a lot of refugees that are a part of their programmes, and they joined a few events of Connecting Hands at the UT throughout the past year, such as the New Year's Dinner and the campus tour. After these successful meetings, we decided to put our hands together for a more integrated collaboration, since December 2017. Thus, Connecting Hands at the UT approached M-Pact with a job opening for refugees, to help us out with organising events. With it, refugees could apply for this vacancy and we now have several refugees working with us.


Connecting Hands at the UT creates awareness of the M-Pact programs for students, and facilitates a working place for refugees during and around events of the committee. Refugees can apply for such a work spot at Connecting Hands, through the M-Pact portal, and show their willingness to integrate and help in coordinating and setting up events. 

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More on the M-Pact organisation can be found on their website