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v.v. Drienerlo

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v.v. Drienerlo is a student football association for students located at the University of Twente campus. They offer football for men and women, indoors (futsal) and outdoors, in the national KNVB competitions and they organise their own internal competitions for students.  


The collaboration of Connecting Hands at the UT and v.v. Drienerlo started formally in February of 2018, when the first ever refugee futsal team was admitted in Drienerlo's internal competition. Their history however, already dates back to mid 2016, when Connecting Hands organised a football event with Drienerlo for refugees. Also in mid 2017, and once again at the end of that same year, events were held on the football pitches and in the sportshall with v.v. Drienerlo for refugees. With some (former) players of the football club in the midst of Connecting Hands, the partnership was formed quickly in early 2018. 


A futsal team consisting of refugees was admitted in the internal futsal competition of Drienerlo in February of 2018. Usually, this competition only allows student teams, but with the good spirits of the club, they wanted to help integration of residence permit holders from Enschede. As of now, the team plays once a week in the evening against other student teams. 

More info

More on the football club Drienerlo can be found on their website, and more on their internal futsal competition here