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The main goal of the WorldRide committee is to promote internationalisation and cultural awareness among students. They take on a facilitating role in organizing accessible and recognizable events where students from any nationality (domestic or foreign) can participate to gain new cultural insights, learn new skills or plainly just make new friends. The committee will endeavor to aggregate and ensure associations and students in Twente collaborate with each other to create a culturally diverse experience.

As part of the Country Months project, WorldRide highlights the culture of a different country every month by decorating the Global Lounge and organising activities in accordance with the respective country, thus providing the opportunity to travel the world on a student budget.

WorldRidde o: “How can you change the world if you haven’t seen it ?”


Members of the WorldRide committee joined most events organised by Connecting Hands at the UT last year such as ice skating, the FC Twente - Ajax football match, New Year’s dinner and the campus tour. The first partnership was marked at the conclusion of the campus tour when all refugees were welcomed to the Global Lounge which (at the time) was decorated in Brazilian theme. After the campus tour, WorldRide decided to join hands for a more integrated collaboration and this partnership was assisted by the presence of two mutual members in WorldRide and Connecting Hands.


Whilst Connecting Hands at the UT strives to bring the students closer to the refugees, WorldRide committee would promote cultural awareness to them. Refugees would bond with the students through fun activities and simultaneously learn about new cultures each month.

More Info

More information about WorldRide can be found on their website