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As a Member...

You can help us tremendously while also enriching your own experiences with people from all over the world! We have several opportunities in which you can help us. 

Board Member

The board focuses on the long-term planning of the committee and handles executive tasks while supervising the events organized by the subcommittees.  An important focus also lays on the educational and employment external projects for refugees. 

We not only have responsibility for achieving goals but also communicate with our subcommittee members and aim for growth.  

Our board consists of five positions, more specifically:

Do you consider yourself a proactive student with leadership qualities?

Are you looking for an opportunity to support social integration?

Then come join the board of the Connecting Hands committee! 

Subcommittee Member

We work with several subcommittees within the Connecting Hands committee. This means subcommittee members are focused on certain topics, which are the following: 

As a subcommittee member, you will organize activities along with other enthusiastic students according to your focus. The board supervises the activity to the subcommittees, therefore guidance and help will be provided whenever necessary.

There are four types of events organized, namely educational, cultural, sports and women events. The educational events represent opportunities to inform and provide help for the participants to follow a bachelor or a master degree, or even a Ph.D. in the university. Moreover, workshops are also being organized to improve chances for better jobs.

The cultural events introduce the participants to the Dutch culture, while the sports events encourage them to live a healthy life. Through the women-only events, the female participants are empowered to improve their economic status and well being.

In the events, an attendance of 30 to 60 persons is expected, consisting of refugees, students, and Dutch persons. More details about our events can be found under the Events tab in the main menu.

General Member

A general member is a person who would like to show his/her support through attending our events and being informed about our activity.

More Information

We host activities every month for refugees and students where you can ask us everything you would like to know.  Join us in our upcoming events to get a glimpse and decide how would you like to join our cause! Don't hesitate to email us for more information!

To sign up as a subcommittee or board member, or for more information,  send us an email