Think today, create tomorrow!

On the 1st of May 2019, the moment is there: the eighth edition of Create Tomorrow will take place. Create Tomorrow is a biannual event on the University of Twente. What started as a lustrum activity of the Student Union in 2005 has grown out to become the world’s biggest competitive student thinktank.

During Create Tomorrow, students work on a business case for a day. Professional consultants support the participants in the process. In this way, Create Tomorrow brings students and companies closer to each other in a creative manner.

Next to the hard work and competition between the teams, there is time and space for relaxation and the participants are provided with conveniences. Therefore, Create Tomorrow is a day to remember - not only for student participant, but also for participating companies. It is a day full of entertainment, inspiration and innovative solutions.

Have a look at impression to see what Create Tomorrow is like or check the aftermovie of Create Tomorrow 2017 and the photos!