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23 januari 2019
The PR team is complete!

Lotte Moormans, PR

Lieke is not the only one who is responsible for the Public Relations. Also Lotte Moormans is working this year to bring Create Tomorrow to your attention. Lotte would like to introduce herself, so read her story below!

''Hey! My name is Lotte Moormans and I am a 22-year-old student Technical Medicine. I have always been an active student at my student association A.S.V. Taste, where I did a lot of committees, and at Damesdispuut Bastet, where I now fulfil the position of chairwoman. Last year, I completed my bachelor’s degree and the time was ripe for a new challenge. After Create Tomorrow 2017 I was a big fan of this event. The competition to come up with the best solution and the entertainment in between give a very unique experience. Besides, I think it’s a great prospect to work together towards a goal where we will look back on with pride afterwards. As Public Relations Manager of Create Tomorrow I will do everything to enthusiasm others for Create Tomorrow, so we will experience a spectacular day together!''