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6 februari 2019
External Affairs introduces herself

Laura Medendorp, External affairs

Within the organisation, Laura Medendorp is taking responsibility for the external affairs together with Bas. Below she will introduce herself briefly:

''My name is Laura Medendorp and I am a first-year master student in Industrial Engineering and Management. During my time as a bachelor student, I discovered that I want to develop myself in addition to obtaining ECs. In order to do this, I did several committees at my study association Stress and I was part of the Solar Boat Twente team. To finish my student activism experience, I thought it would be fun to organise a big event. Since Create Tomorrow is the biggest student thinktank in the world, the choice was an easy one. In the committee that organises Create Tomorrow, I am commissioner of External Affairs. We are currently working really hard to create an amazing event, so I am looking forward to seeing you all the 1st of May!''