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There are two ways to sign up for Create Tomorrow: as a team or individually.

Sign up as a team:

If you have formed a team already, only one member of your team – your team captain – has to sign up by clicking the button “Sign up as a team”. The team captain will be asked in the registration form to fill in the details of all team members.

Sign up individually:

If you don’t have a team yet, you can sign up individually. The committee will form teams of the individually signed-up students. You will be notified as soon as your team has been formed.

If you have a team that is not complete yet (less than 6 persons), you can all sign up individually. The committee will add other individually registered students to your team to form a team of 8 students. You can tell us in the registration form with whom you would like to form a team. Make sure that all of you sign up within one week from the moment the first of you signs up. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that you all end up in the same group.

Team requirements

In order to guarantee fairness amongst the teams, there are the following team requirements: