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Welcome to the Student Union Afternoon Sessions Sign-Up list!

Below you can find descriptions of the individual sessions:

1.      Leading by influencing behaviour | Leary’s Rose

The communication between people follows a certain pattern. Leaders should know about this pattern in order to be able to control their own behaviour and influence others with it.

In this workshop you will practice with Leary’s Rose. This is a model in which the pattern for communication between people is explained. After the workshop you will be able to recognize the pattern in the behaviour of yourself and others and above that, you will be able to step out of the pattern yourself, in order to get others to react the way you want them to.

2.      Leading by delegating | Situational Leadership

The people you work with have different characteristics. The better you understand these characteristics, the better you can lead them to successful achievement of projects and tasks.

In this workshop you will work with the model of situational leadership, which was created by Hersey and Blanchard. It categorizes people according to their skill and motivation and tells which management style leaders should apply to facilitate and motivate them best. After this workshop you will be able to recognize the characteristics of a person you work with and to apply the best management style in order to make them more successful.

3.      Leading team-meetings | 3 levels of conversation

In team-meetings there’s 3 levels of communication. The first one is the content level, the most common and obvious level. The other levels are the levels of the process and of the emotion in the discussion. It’s at these levels that you can really make effective interventions and steer the discussion to what is best for your team.

After this workshop you can recognize the level a discussion is at, and you will be able to adjust your interventions to that. Eventually, you will be able to influence others and steer the discussion in the direction you want, even without being the chairman.

4.      Leading with mindset | State | Compassion, strength and playfulness | Would you follow you

A key factor in becoming a great leader is your state of mind. Your state of mind has a great effect on your decision making, the way you influencing others and on keeping the shared vision in mind.

During this workshop you will become familiar with a model that combines three necessary energies to get into the right state. It’s got to do with being prepared, focussed and determined, but also with being mild to yourself and others and having fun. In this workshop you will also discover more about what kind of leader you want to be and about what is necessary to get there.