Professional board Workshops

As part of the Board Improvement Program, the Student Union supports boards by providing free professional workshops. Each association can apply for one workshop course per academic year. 

Full-time boards can choose one of our partner training agencies. Together with a professional coach, you and your fellow board members get to enjoy multiple sessions that are tailor-made for your board’s needs. Here you can find more information about the available training agencies.

Part-time boards can apply for workshops given by one of our certified trainers. In two sessions you and your fellow board members will learn valuable skills in communication, efficiency, cooperation and more! 

Large committees within associations can under certain circumstances also receive workshops from our certified trainers. 

Apply for a professional board workshops

The different training topics

Become a better leader

Leadership something for 40-year-old people in business? Definitely not! In this training, you receive insights and tools to develop yourself as a better leader within your team or board, project groups, among friends, and for yourself. This training  has two parts, so when choosing this training, no other trainings can be followed and the training "Become a better leader" should be selected twice.


Invest in this training with your board to learn how to communicate and listen better, to reduce the noice within communication by checking assumptions and give feedback directly and comfortably.


Increase efficiency and effectiveness will decrease the time spent for meetings and team members will be more satisfied with the process and results.

Personalities and teamwork

Each team member has its own qualities and capabilities. With this program you will learn how to take advantage of the different qualities and quirks and think of ways to create great teamwork.

Time management

This program will not be center in tips for time managment but on the 4 causes of time managment problems and new strategies to solve them.

Creating work agreements and delegating

In this training we will make sure you can trust someone with a task. Thanks to the tools we provide you, when you make work agreements with others, you will get exactly what you wanted.