Student involvement consultants contact form


The body that redirects every member of the university to the right persons or bodies to convey their concerns, problems, and ideas


To facilitate ways for students to be involved and to identify and enhance student awareness of involvement opportunities throughout our university


We as Student Involvement Consultants (SIC) are the latest improvement to enhance student involvement within our university. Because of the big structure of the University, it is sometimes difficult for both the students and bodies within the university to reach each other. We, as SIC, try to solve this problem. So, if you want to reach the right person within our university, we can help you! You can reach us by email or speak to one of us in person.


With more than 100 associations there is always an association which matches your interests and ambitions. T here are many ways to be involved at our university. A way to have direct impact on the university with minimal effort for you as a student. The university is continuously working on improving itself. Not only on education but also on campus improvements, online environments, general facilities and more. There is always a project that matches your interests, and would help you develop your skills! By creating working groups and by starting pilot projects the university can create these improvements. For these projects and working groups we are looking for students who want to be involved. It is THE way leave a substantial mark on the university during your time here.

If you are interested, please fill in the contact form down below and one of the student involvement consultants will reach out to you!