Dutch COVID-19 guidelines

Are you a student and will you be travelling to the UT to start you studies here?

Please take into consideration the Dutch RIVM COVID-19 regulations when traveling and being in the Netherlands.

We have gathered the necessary govermental information for you to ensure your safety during these unusual times:

Practical information and tips once you have arrived at the UT:

preventive self-quarantine
UT Corona Service Portal
UT student services
UT Covid-19 regulation video
Free Covid-19 testing at Schiphol
Grocery shopping
Campus Crowdmap
How busy is it in each building?
International Student Handbook
Study associations
SU Kamersite
For housing
International UT Facebook group
Sports Centre UT
Outdoor and online sports
Personal online training via UT account
Studium Generale
Knowledge on stage: watch the lectures from last year
Virtual Dutch Language Café
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