negotiation workshop

We would like to introduce you to the world of negotiation. This workshop is open to all students/staff from the University of Twente. This event is a collaboration with Student Union and Negotiation Project Twente.

Whether it is in daily life, business, or politics, where there are people there are negotiations! We are convinced that negotiation is a valuable skill and something which can be trained.

Find out how you can resolve conflicts and create the most value in this introductory workshop on negotiation. Here you will get acquainted with the basic tenets of negotiation. The evening will be divided into two parts. In the first part of the workshop, you will be taught the basic theory of negotiation. In the second part, you will be negotiating with your peers! In the end, feedback will be given by the tutors on your performance.

Get your tickets! €17,50 p.p.

Two workshops will be held, one for beginners on the 14th of Febuary and the other for intermediate negotiatiors on the 28th of Febuary. The second workshops will be suitable for people who attended the first one.  Both trainings will be held at 18:30-20:00 in TBT.

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