training personal effectiveness for committees

By participating in a committee you’re not only contributing to your association, you also learn a lot about yourself, develop your skills and work on your personal growth. You experience how you handle a situation and what your strengths are. You might also experience that a committee member approaches things differently and acts differently. To support you in your personal development and to improve collaboration the University of Twente offers personal effectiveness training for committees of UT student associations.

In the fourth quartile we offer 2 training topics free of charge open for all committees of associations of the University of Twente. The group training guides you through the theory and exercises, combined with a worksheet that allows you to work on the topic with your committee. No external trainer involved, so you can fully choose a time and place that suits your group. For example during a lunch break meeting. The sessions only take 30 minutes each.

The group training is useful in your personal work as a committee member, but it will also enhance your teamwork, your effectiveness and work pleasure. Gaining insight in your qualities and challenges and learning how to exert your influence will not only contribute to your role as a committee member. It will also be valuable in your study, daily life and future career. So do you take this chance to achieve More Than A Degree?

Training 1: Get To Know Yourself

Did you know that the behavior you find annoying in another person, actually says a lot about your core qualities? And did you know your pitfalls are directly linked to your qualities? In the training Get To Know Yourself you will discover your own strengths, pitfalls, challenges and allergies and how they are connected. You will also learn about the personal characteristics of your committee members. And how these can reinforce, complement or clash with your own. In this training you create a bigger understanding in yourself and your team members. This will improve your collaboration and work pleasure. Are you up for the challenge?

Training 2: Be Proactive

Do you regularly experience things happen to you that you have little control over? Do you want to exert your influence in a group? The training Be Proactive is based on the bestseller ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen Covey. You will learn the difference between reactive and proactive behavior, between the circle of influence and the circle of concern. It will also show you the choice you have in reaction to your environment and how proactive behavior can benefit the group. After this training you will be more aware of where and when you are able to exert influence. By displaying proactive behaviour, you gain more control of your life and this will increase your confidence. A useful skill that you can use in your study, committee work but also in your future job!

Practical information

To sign up for the training use the registration form below and have fun! For more information, contact t.vanleeuwen@utwente.nl