Employee Activism Recognition committee

The Student Union is looking for a new employee for the Activism Recognition committee (AC)! Are you interested in helping other students with their personal development and do you have affinity with reflection? Then this is the job for you!

What will you do?

Board members can request an Activism Recognition after their board year. They have to write a reflection report in which they critically review on their own actions during their board year. As member of the AC you will review these reports in duos and you will meet up with the student to talk about the reflection. In this meeting you will help the student to reflect on his or hers development so even after their board year they can develop themselves further! Moreover, you will develop yourself personally and professionally by being critical but also by bringing the students development to a higher level.

As member of the AC you do not have fixed hours per week or month. The workload depends on the amount of requested activism recognitions. The peak moments are in December and March. During these weeks you spend approximately 2 to 6 hours a week on the AC.

Regularly, you will have meetings with the Activism Recognition committee in which reports will be divided and issues or other questions will be discussed.

What do we expect?

Where do you end up?

You will work at the Student Union in a close team, where your ideas are taken seriously (both for your function and outside it). Within the Student Union you will work in the Activism Recognition committee that currently consists of three people. The team is guided by an employee of the Personal Development team and you will therefore work closely together with him and the others of the team. Naturally, you receive a fitting hourly pay that is done through Driessen.


Are you enthusiastic about this job and do you think it suits you? Or do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us through activisme-erkenning@union.utwente.nl. Applications – comprised of a short motivation and resume – can be send to t.vanleeuwen@utwente.nl