peer listener (Confidential Contact Person for students)

Studying and being a student can be a challenge and can cause worries and uncertainty. You can be faced with struggles or unpleasant interactions. Sharing experiences with someone who is your own age can feel as a safe and comfortable step to take. That is why the department of CES-SACC and the Student Union jointly introduce the Confidential Contact Person (CCP) for students. Or to put it simple: a peer listener.

What do you do?

As a peer listener, you offer support to your fellow-students. Your main task is to be a person to whom students can easily turn, and, by fulfilling that role, to lower the threshold for students to talk to professionals in the support structure at UT. You will be a sympathetic ear to fellow students who encounter struggles when studying or participating in on/off campus activities. Your goal is to help them figure out which can be the best next steps and whom to contact if necessary.

The position of an CCP for students is a voluntary position. The team of CCPs for students is managed by the Confidential Advisers for Students.

What do we offer?

What do we ask from you?

Application interviews will take place  12 or  14 september. The required peer listener training will take place on September 25th and October 12th.

Please send a short motivation and your résumé to Marjolein Drent (marjolein.drent@utwente.nl, Confidential Adviser for Students) no later than 5 September. Would you like to get more information? Please contact Marjolein or Frido Oei (f.b.l.j.oei@utwente.nl)