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negotiation workshop

The Student Union organises negotiation workshops in collaboration with the Negotiation Workshop Twente! Board members, whole boards, committees or individual students can sign up for a workshop to develop their negotiation skills which could be very useful e.g. in negotiating with other (external) parties but also in your daily life; for example with your project group or friends. So are you interested in developing your negotiation skills? Sign up!

The workshop will be given in two sessions of each one hour. You will get in contact with the Negotiation Workshop Twente to find the best date and time with your group. The cost for this workshop is only €7,50 per person in total for 2 sessions.

Below the three optional topics are described. In the sign-up form, you can select your preferred workshop topic. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will follow that workshop topic.


  1. Introduction to Negotiations
    This negotiation workshop is designed for people who have recognized that in some way negotiations are part of their life and they would like to know more about it. Whether it's part of your work or personal experience, you may feel like being a more capable negotiator will benefit you substantially. And you're right. This workshop will introduce you to the main concepts of negotiation and give you a simple case to practice negotiation and use the tools provided in the theory part. Your negotiation will be observed and you will receive feedback after you are finished negotiating.
  2. Leadership in Negotiations
    This workshop is designed for students who want to know more about what it takes to lead a negotiation. Whether you are negotiating on your own behalf (1v1) or with a team on behalf of an organization (for example 3v3), you will understand how to set and lead the frame of the negotiation - it is a skill that can be used even in your daily conversations. You will understand how to effectively lead not only yourself but also a team of people. After the theory part, you will receive a case to negotiate and practice the material that you have learned.
  3. Acquisition Negotiations
    This is a negotiation workshop designed for the External Affairs representatives in boards, members of the acquisition committees or students interested in understanding how to negotiate your position well when trying to work towards establishing a collaboration with, for example, another organization which may be your potential investor. The workshop entails a hands-on negotiation experience, one party representing the investor and the other a student board. You will firstly be introduced to a bit of relevant theory. Then, you will be provided with the cases to prepare. After that, you will get the opportunity to negotiate and be observed in the process. Lastly, you will receive feedback about the negotiation, a debrief about the case.

sign-up for the negotiation workshop