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31 augustus 2017
Hans David's final blog

There is a time to come and a time to go; last weeks felt for me like the last category, with a lot of lasts. The last board meeting, the last walks with my board members and the last blog. An indescribable year has almost come to an end. Indescribable, because the enormous amount of words to describe this year with will never fully cover it. Either way, it was incredibly great, instructive, challenging and above all a great experience, which I will never forget!

As a SU board member we did lots of different things. One moment you're talking with the University Board about the strategic future of the university on the subject of internationalization, the next you're working through a packed mailbox, after that you meet with an association and an employee about the realization of the board liability insurance for association. This variety of meetings, and activities before and after those, I appreciated very much. I always considered it as an honor to try and find the best for the students in all those things and to give my contribution to make the student life at the UT even greater then it already is.

Next to all the hard work, there was thankfully also a lot of time to do fun things with my board or other boards. A weekend away, a tour des parents, constitution drinks, a day off with the umbrella and so on. One of the highlights, which was incredible fun and also very interesting, is by far our trip to England, where we visited other SU's to see how they are having things done there.

Partly thanks to that trip I, together with many others, made the SU a stronger and more professional organization. This thankfully does not mean that there was no space to organize fun things; I still consider it as a great experience to have organized a constitution drink for Thom Palstra. Lastly, I inspected the organization of the SU inside the student life and sought out were we can adjust refinements. For the time being, the results mainly contain the fact that we can improve our transparence toward our associations, for example by establishing a better system for appointing our supervisory board.

Unfortunately, this project I cannot finish myself, but my successor Erik will pick this up with lost of enthusiasm. I will go back to the college banks to start my master Chemical Engineering, but I have confidence in the fact Erik will be a great president. Thanks everyone for this awesome last year!