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7 september 2017
Niek's final blog

One year
365 days
1147 meetings
2760 hours working
7715 e-mails

While writing this blog I realise that my year as board member of the Student Union has officially come to an end. A good moment to look back on all the memories from the past year. Meetings with the executive board of the university, constitution drinks, barbecuing with the rector and visiting SU’s in England: I’ve all done it! And it was awesome!

I’ve been given the chance to defend the interests of all students at the UT for the past year. Looking back at my introduction blog from last year and the goals I’ve set in it, I can only conclude that I certainly achieved my goals. With pride I can state that I managed to finish all my projects in time.

The largest part of the Student Union’s work is often invisible to others, which holds for my portfolio Finance. Luckily I’ve managed to compensate this on my portfolio’s Accommodation and Enterprises. The past year we have invested a lot of time and money into enhancing the safety in the Pakkerij, appearance and recognisability of the Watersportcomplex and visibility of the Student Union on campus. But the best project of the year? Definitely the reconstruction of the Atrium in the Bastille. In just 7 months from first ideas to completion is an enormous challenge, but we did it! Just in time before leaving the Student Union. Our new servicedesk, the modern atmosphere, places to work, the new Unionshop and the Subway all come together in the new Atrium of the Bastille. With pride I look back at this project and many others I’ve completed in the past year.

Apart from all the hard work, I’ve gotten to know a lot of nice people, within the Student Union, e.g. our >100 student employees and committee members, within the UT and within our associations. All these people work together every day to make sure all students get the best time of their lives while studying at the University of Twente. This is exactly what make the student life in Enschede awesome!

It’s time for a new challenge! Starting from September I’m continuing my studies, but besides that and entirely according to our ‘More Than a Degree’ principle, I am continuing my active student life as student assessor of the faculty board of Engineering Technology (ET). As student assessor I am part of the faculty board in order to defend the interest of all student within the faculty for the coming year.  

With confidence, I’m leaving my portfolios to my successor, Albert-Jan de Croes. He will once again give his personal touch to these beautiful portfolios and I’m confident that he will achieve excellent results within his year as board member.