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4 september 2017
Freshmen lifehacks: 'Daghappen'

What are the most important things a first-year student in Enschede should absolutely know? What parts of studenlife are the ones you shouldn’t miss? We will tell you! In a couple of blogs, we will explain the necessary life hacks that you need to know during your time living in Twente! The first blog will be about 'Daghappen'.

How does it work?

Every person who lives in Enschede knows it: The concept of daghap!  Have you had a long day, did you shop too much, study to hard or just don’t feel like cooking tonight? Then there is always the option to go and grab a bite at a restaurant. A daghap is a very cheap option to do this! The daghap is usually not on the menu and it differs per day and restaurant. Not every restaurant has one so check this website to check which restaurants participate: hapdedag.nl. ‘Uit in Enschede’ assembled some of the participating restaurants on this site.  The daghap can often also be found on the chalkboards outside of the restaurants.

Why is the daghap cheaper than the menu? 

The ingredients for the daghap are bough in bigger amounts. This makes it easier to lower the price of the dish. But this also causes the restaurant to have a limited amount of daghappen that they can serve on an evening. Often the daghap is a bit less than the normal dish on the menu. But don‘t worry! It is still plenty of food. Don’t wait too long to grab a bite because there is always a chance that the daghap is finished. A tip for people who like to plan: Sometime you need to say beforehand that you will be eating a daghap during your reservation at the restaurant. 

What makes daghappen so special? 

The answer is very simple! You will save money which you will be able to spend on fun things later! Plus, it makes it more affordable for you as a student to go out and have a nice diner with you friends. If you have enough money and you don’t mind the prices at the restaurant, then that is no problem either! Most of the restaurants in Enschede are not very expensive.