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26 mei 2017
Staff Blog - Dennis Hans

Besides the board members you’ve no doubt seen more people walking around in the SU office or somewhere else, wearing a SU hoodie. This is because the board members get help from a lot of employees. In this blog the first one will be introduced to you: Communications employee Dennis Hans

Funny actually. While writing this I’m already thinking of how, where and when this blog must be published. Because these things are part of my tasks. Thankfully, that’s all sorted out, so I can focus on writing this particular piece of words.

So, where shall I start? Maybe by introducing myself. You can find my name in huge letters above, so I don’t need to tell you that anymore. At the moment I’m studying Technical Medicine, member of C.S.V. Alpha and since September employee at the Student Union. After my year as board member by Alpha, I was looking for a job where I could find challenges (check), learn new skills (check), express my passion for writing (check) and have a great team around me (double check). And because Jasper thought I was capable for the job, I almost immediately entered the system of the SU.

But what do I do there, besides from putting this words in sentences? Probably something involving communication. Precisely. That is broad. So broad even, that we have not one, but two communications employees. I keep myself busy with a couple of core tasks: Websites, newsletters, Facebook and writing stuff.

I guess you’re familiar with the website. (If you’re not, feel free to click around after reading this blog.) It is kind of completely new since a year. Besides that new Union related websites are rapidly sprouting up. I am the manager of the corporate site and co-manager of the other ones. Right now I’m busy with optimizing several pages and finishing the last touches on the English site. Also I’m frequently having contact with the manager of the program with which the site is build.

 Okay, I notice this blog is already quite long. Luckily, as a communications employee I don’t mind. But to keep things orderly, I’ll try to be a little more compact.

I build he fortnightly newsletter for board members at the Wednesday afternoon and often write the pieces for that. See? Compact.

The responsibility for the Facebook Page is shared with my awesome colleague Maaike. She checks the schedule for every week and we divide the posts. This way we try to show every workday something new on the page.

Yesss, we’ve arrived at writing stuff! Nice! Secretly I enjoy writing this too much. When there’s a need for a written text, frivolous or serious, most of the time I’m involved. Or I write them or I check them. For example, the blog I wrote about Create Tomorrow, a couple of weeks ago.

Is this it then? I just do my tasks and be done with it? No! Absolutely not! The atmosphere and sociability inside the crew is at least equally important to me. The days at the office would be dull without a little talk with Sandra, the jokes from Wout or the sound of the moving hamster wheel. Oh wait, that one won’t move anymore… However, working at the Student Union is so much more then just work. It’s more like a warm bath, in which you can chill, but also need to swim some meters. Both you won’t do in a cold paddling pool. Although, we actually need one. Perfect with this weather. Jasper?