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16 februari 2017
Tim says goodbye

Tim's final blog

It's almost finished. A year as External Affairs and Entrepreneurship board member of the Student Union. I can already tell you that I had an amazing time, though I still have a couple of weeks left.

One of the biggest learning moments of last years the fact that people can learn so much from each other. It fascinates me to see that students (associations) are having trouble with the same big problems as companies en institutions do. It's a great motivation to see that those and other problems can be solved the same way: when you act constructive and open yourself up, solutions can always be found. Everyone does that in his own way, a faculty way different then a student company. So this is the great lesson: There isn't just one solution, but if all those involved carry it, you will get there.

Not that long ago one of my greatest moments happened. To be specific, in the end of January. At that time the congress 'Nederland Valoriseert!', where a lot of parties who stimulate entrepreneurship within universities came together, took place. During this event in the Grolsch Veste spoke the minister of Economics, Henk Kamp, among many others. It was very nice to experience the common drive for entrepreneurship through the Netherlands. I hope that the political parties lay enough focus in their campaigns on bringing scientific knowledge to the society. I've also discovered that every prominent attendee is just a normal person. And how fun is it to stand shoulder to shoulder at the toilets with Prince Constatijn van Oranje?

A year is over sooner than you think. I've made lots of memories and I hope the things I started will run for a long time still. Of course not all my plans are actualized, but I have faith in my successor, Stef. I hope he can make the UT even more enterprising.

At the end of February my adventure at the Student Union is over. I will continue with my study, which I will temporarily follow at a faculty at the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. What's waiting there for me I do not know, so I'll let it surprise me!