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3 - 17 March 2022

Tuğçe Diri

Tuğçe Diri is an artist from Turkey. She examines the cultural values that depends on geography in which she lives. She pays attention to meticulous produced handwork, the effort in this and productivity and questions cultural similarities in the context of arts and crafts.

In cooperation with Artist Residencies Enschede (ARE)
Artist Resedencies Enschede (ARE) offers every year to 8 international guest artists a studio with an accompanying work period of 3 months plus a final exhibition. A period of undisturbed work on new art inspired by meetings with local artists and Enschede and its surroundings. Since 2018, Vrijhof Culture has a partnership with ARE in this and thus offers room for one final exhibition per year.

Vrijhof - Small exhibition room
3 - 17 March 2022
Free access